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These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) postings serve as an on-line resource for people in adult education, training, and human resources. The FAQs address topics related to improving the way people work and learn.

I hope all of the postings provide the answers you're looking for and offer a starting point for asking and answering more questions. If there are questions you have that are not answered here, please let me know.

Marcia L. Conner
Co-founder, The Learnativity Alliance
Managing Director, Ageless Learner



Here you'll find many questions (with links to answers) about the learning and training field.

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Learning & Training FAQs

Here are the questions these postings will answer.

  I'm new to the learning and training field. Any Training 101? General overview and guide to key resources, books, and lists for people new to the fields of learning and training. Also, where can I find a train-the-trainer program? How can I develop a new employee training program? Where can I find Training Exercises?

 What should I Read to understand issues in the learning and training field? Books with links to, Industry Journals, Trade Magazines with subscription information and links to Magazines, and Articles with links to their sources on the net. Also, Terms, Market Reports and Whitepapers.

 Where can I find more about the learning & training Industry? Professional Organizations and associations (US and non-US based), Current Trends, Statistics about the industry including Budgeting, Salary information, and Job Openings. Conferences, buzz words and Terms, Market Reports and Whitepapers. Information on Sales Training and how can you tell if a program is effective.

 Where can I find the best on-line (Internet) resources? Web sites, newsgroups, and discussion lists with subscription and net-etiquette information specifically focused on learning & training. Also, web-development tool comparisons, what is eLearning, how to evaluate eLearning, and Learning Portals.

 What's the Background on the Learning & Training FAQ postings? Learn a bit about how these FAQs started, where to send comments, additions, or corrections, who has helped make this site possible, how to submit a new question, and what's Learnativity?


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